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  Table of Contents
I. Background
II. Registration and Administration of the Written Examination
III. Requirements for Initial Application
IV. Appeal Process for Adverse Decisions (Non-Ethics Related)
V. Examination Process
VI. ABNM Part I-Written Examination
VII. Examination Preparation
VIII. ABNM Part II-Oral Examination
IX. Design of the Oral Examination
X. Format of the Oral Examination
XI. Oral Exam Scoring
XII. Recertification
XIII. Disposition of ABNM Examination Results
XIV. Certification Status
XV. Ethics and Professionalism
XVI. Appeal Process for Adverse Decisions (Ethics Related)
Exam Applications Written Exam Application
Oral Exam Application
Recertification Exam Application

XI. Oral Exam Scoring:

For both Oral examinations, scoring is completed immediately after each examination so that four independent scores are rendered by four examiners Each examiner will render a “pass” or “fail” score recognizing that the goal is to pass all reasonable and competent candidates.  The final score is then determined at the Board Meeting Certification of Examination Results. At this meeting, each of the two candidate’s examinations will be discussed by the examiners with input from the official Board observers. The rendered scores will stand unless there is a very compelling argument, documented and presented by the Board observer and approved by the Board, to change a rendered score. A failure by one examiner is insufficient to fail an otherwise passing candidate.  Receiving two or more scores of “fail” will cause an overall score of a fail.  Pass and fail will be rendered solely on the basis of the score from the four examiners subject to final Certification by the Board. Candidates will be notified with their results as soon as is administratively possible.

All information discussed and or any disclosures made during the oral board examination will be held in complete confidentiality of the current ABNM Board of Directors.  This confidentiality applies not only to the examination itself but also to the results of the examination as well as the discussion of said results.  Results and pursuant discussion will only be disclosed and had with the candidate and not with any other person or persons.


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