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  Table of Contents
I. Background
II. Registration and Administration of the Written Examination
III. Requirements for Initial Application
IV. Appeal Process for Adverse Decisions (Non-Ethics Related)
V. Examination Process
VI. ABNM Part I-Written Examination
VII. Examination Preparation
VIII. ABNM Part II-Oral Examination
IX. Design of the Oral Examination
X. Format of the Oral Examination
XI. Oral Exam Scoring
XII. Recertification
XIII. Disposition of ABNM Examination Results
XIV. Certification Status
XV. Ethics and Professionalism
XVI. Appeal Process for Adverse Decisions (Ethics Related)
Exam Applications Written Exam Application
Oral Exam Application
Recertification Exam Application

XIV. Certification Status:

In addition to providing the ABNM Certification, the purpose of the ABNM also includes serving to improve and safeguard the public health and reporting the ABNM Certification status of ABNM Diplomates to appropriate health-care professionals and health-care institutions. This policy defines the status of individuals with regards to ABNM certification. The information will be made public by the American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring on the ABNM website and per request by health-care agencies and institutions, regarding candidates and Diplomates.
The ABNM considers the personal information and examination record of an applicant, candidate or Diplomate to be private and confidential. When an inquiry regarding an individual's certification status with the ABNM is received, a general statement is provided indicating the person's current status in regard to ABNM certification, along with the individual’s certification history.
The current status of an individual with the ABNM will be reported using one of three designations:

  • Certified: The individual is currently certified by and in good standing with the ABNM, designated through the use of the title “Diplomate of the ABNM” or “DABNM”
  • Not Certified: The individual is currently not certified by the ABNM. Such individuals may have allowed their time-limited certification to expire, were admitted to the certification process but never became certified, were admitted to the certification process but have yet to pass the ABNM Part I-Written examination, were never admitted, or never applied.
  • In the Examination Process: The individual has an approved application for certification and has not yet successfully passed all required ABNM examinations, but has remaining examination opportunities.

The ABNM no longer uses the term "Board Eligible" and will neither affirm nor deny such status as it is indefinable. The ABNM will, however, use the designation "In the Examination Process" to indicate that an individual has been admitted to the ABNM examinations but has not yet passed all required examinations. The ABNM does not define an individual with an approved application to the ABNM examinations as being "In the Examination Process" as those individuals may fail and are permitted to retake the ABNM Part I-Written examination, without limitation.
The following terms may also be listed if applicable to the individual's current status.

  • Suspended: The individual is not certified as the individual's certificate has been indefinitely suspended. The certificate may be reinstated if certain requirements are fulfilled.
  • Revoked: The individual is not certified as the individual's certificate has been permanently revoked. The certificate may not be reinstated.

An individual's certification history will also be publically reported, with all successful certifications and recertification and their relevant start and end dates. Current ABNM policy is that all certificates are valid for a period of ten years, beginning with the date all ABNM examination requirements are completed and successfully passed.


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