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P & P PDF Policy and Procedure Manual PDF
  Table of Contents
I. Background
II. Registration and Administration of the Written Examination
III. Requirements for Application
IV. Appeal Process for Adverse Decisions (Non-Ethics Related)
V. Examination Process
VI. ABNM Part I-Written Examination
VII. Examination Preparation
VIII. ABNM Part II-Oral Examination
IX. Design of the Oral Examination
X. Format of the Oral Examination
XI. Oral Exam Scoring
XII. Recertification
XIII. Disposition of ABNM Examination Results
XIV. Certification Status
XV. Ethics and Professionalism
XVI. Appeal Process for Adverse Decisions (Ethics Related)
Exam Applications Written Exam Application
Oral Exam Application
Recertification Exam Application

XII. Recertification:

PTC administers the ABNM written Recertification examination twice a year at dates listed on the ABNM ( web site. The Recertification examination can only be administered on these pre-established dates. The ABNM Recertification examination is conducted electronically via a computer interface and is now available at numerous testing centers across the United States thus providing testing centers in convenient locations for most exam candidates. PTC can provide the locations of sites closest to your area, should there not be a local testing center.

The current fee for the ABNM – Written Recertification Examination in Neurophysiologic Monitoring is $650.

Diplomates may apply for recertification within two years prior to the expiration of their certification period by completing an application for recertification.  Such application shall be provided by the Board upon request to any Diplomates in good standing at the time of the request.  Any certification granted under this process will be for a period of ten additional years beyond the initial certification period.

The recertification process will entail:

  1. Retaking a written examination consisting of general questions on topics within specialties chosen by the ABNM.
  2. Effective January 17, 2014, documentation of a minimum of 45 Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credits in the completed “ABNM Record of CME in Clinical Neurophysiology”.
  3. CME credits must be obtained during the five year period prior to the month and year of the recertification examination being applied for. CME credits obtained prior to the specified five year period will not be accepted.
  4. CME credits may be obtained at any time during this five year period but must total 45.
  5. Approved areas for CME credits. All of the 45 required CME credits must be in the area of Clinical Neurophysiology. Approved CME courses in Clinical Neurophysiology include all courses provided by the ASNM, ACNS, ISIN and IFCN . Clinical Neurophysiology CME credits obtained as part fulfillment of other courses, such as AAN, ASSFN, AANS, etc., will also count.
  6. Non-approved areas for CME credits. Candidates are required to include a brief statement describing how CME credits obtained in unapproved venues not listed herein in section 5, relate to the practice of IONM.
  7. Copies of CME certificates must be provided for all 45 required CME credits. CMEs must be awarded by approved educational institutions.
  8. The acceptance or denial of all CME credits submitted with an application for ABNM Recertification will be at the discretion of the ABNM and may not be appealed. 
  9. Submission of the Recertification examination fee of $650.


The ABNM recertification exam will contain 250 questions. The passing score will be 70% or 175 correct answers of the 250 questions in the examination.  The recertification examination will be administered at the same dates and locations as the current ABNM Part I-Written examination is offered.  Information concerning examination sites should be obtained from PTC. 

Persons losing their certification by allowing the application window to elapse and/or without successful completion of the ABNM credentialing examination for Recertification, will be listed with the Certification Status of “Not Certified” and will be required to complete the original (i.e. to sit and pass Part I-Written and Part II-Oral examinations) ABNM examination process anew and all application/eligibility requirements at the time of the re-application will apply. 


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